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Reagan | Newborn

I was contacted by Reagan’s parents just about a week before this session. They had previously booked a photographer who had to cancel on them, so they were in search for someone who could fit them in. Luckily, I had a pretty open schedule for their original session date so it worked out perfectly! Little miss Reagan was not having this sleeping business. Mom and dad did everything right–fed before I got there, warm house, heating blanket at the ready…they were more prepared than most! But Reagan had other plans–She wanted to be wide awake. We worked on coaxing her to sleep indoors, but she was determined to stay wide awake! She wasn’t fussy, just wide eyed! So after a few tries indoors, we decided to move the session outside. Now, you may already know this, but the warmth of the outdoors is like a drug to babies. They’re all like, “ooooh, this is so womb-ey!” and they fall right to sleep. Worked like a charm on the little miss, and from that point on, it was like working with butter. I could move her any which way and she just snoozed like a charm!

We got soooooo many great pictures from this session! I love how prepared Jordan and Laura were! They had all kinds of blankets, cheese cloths, bows, and that FANTASTIC yellow chair!



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