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My Work Ethic

Ethic \ˈe-thik\ n. a : A rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits.

Let’s talk work ethic for a moment, shall we? In this day and age, people have an obvious lacking in the exhibition of a good work ethic (wow, totally just sounded like my dad…). A perfect example of this would be when I recently purchased a drink at a fast food restaurant, went to fill my cup with their divine sweet tea (the whole reason I was there), only to find the container was empty. I went back to the counter where I had only moments before paid for the drink to ask if they had any more sweet tea. The clerk looked at me and said, “there’s sweet & low right there.” Now where I come from, that’s an unacceptable response. It doesn’t matter how ‘inconvenient’ you perceive a request to be, you do your best to accommodate the customer.

By definition, ethics are a habit, meaning your idea of what is ethical doesn’t change based on your situation. It’s a reaction, a reflex, a disposition, and even a characteristic. From the time that I was 10 years old working in my dad’s hardware store in Weatherford, I was developing a good work ethic. I was taught that it doesn’t matter what you are being paid, or how menial the task seems, you give it your all. This standard has prevailed as I have grown up and developed into my career. Often times, it was frustrating to be the only one who took the time to do things correctly while those around me did just enough to get by. But now, I am seeing the payoff. In my photography business, I believe my work ethic sets me apart. I don’t limit myself, or you for that matter, based on what others are doing. Have a crazy request? Well let’s just see if we can make that happen. I put my all into every photo shoot and do my best to get the pictures that will make you happy. If that means making funny faces at kids, letting grumpy grandpa stay in the same spot for every picture, or dealing with that mother who absolutely must have a picture “just like so-and-so had,” I will do it. And I promise to have a smile on my face all the while. Not because I’m forcing it, but because I love everything about photography. I truly do have the best job in the world.

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