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    Hi folks! My name is Rebecca! I am a full time mom to a super sweet boy (with another munchkin on the way), and a part time photographer. Have a look around, and if you like what you see, click the "contact" link and drop me an email! My scheduling availability is limited, so the earlier you contact me about a session, the better! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Announcing: Fall Mini Sessions

Can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about Fall photos?! It’s hard to imagine, what with the record breaking high temperatures this summer. But alas, it’s time to start looking ahead, and dreaming of cooler weather. I am doing the mini sessions a little earlier this year. For more information on why, read here. If you are wanting family photos for Christmas cards and gifts, this is the deal for you! Register below.

To register, please fill out the form below:

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Update: Change is a-brewin’

Hi folks! Per usual, I have had little time to update my blog in the past few months. I hope that you guys are following me on Facebook so you can see more of my recent work! But this is just small talk–let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

As the title says, change is a-brewin’:

1. We are expecting our first child on 12.12.12. Which, by the way, will be the coolest birthday EVER if this child actually decides to come then! Obviously, this will change our lives completely and forever! We are so excited for the little guy to get here. And yes, it’s a boy!

2. We are moving to Weatherford. I’m originally from Weatherford, and all of my immediate family lives there, so we are happy to be closer to family with Mini Manney on the way.

3. We are remodeling the house we are moving into in Weatherford. We LOVE the place we have purchased, but it needs a lot of work. Our goal is to have everything ready to move in by the time the baby gets here. We hope and pray daily for this to happen!

I think you will agree, we have a lot of changes going on right now.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are already booked for future sessions, not much. I will continue to fulfill all my scheduled sessions as usual. If you are a new client, or a current client wanting to book an upcoming session, please note I am limiting the number of sessions I am booking through the rest of the year, and into next year for maternity leave. We have so much going on, that I need to focus more of my time and attention to the changes in our lives, which will take time away from my work. I love love love my job, and I plan to get back into a normal schedule after maternity leave, but for right now, things are too hectic to continue as I have in the past.

Please, feel free to continue to contact me if you are interested in booking new sessions. If I have the availability, I will happily book you. Current clients will receive priority when scheduling.

Because of my limited schedule, I have decided to do a week of mini sessions in October. I will be posting the details here soon. If you are wanting pictures for Christmas Cards or gifts, these mini sessions will be perfect for you! It’s the best way to combine as many sessions as possible in a week, while giving you folks a lot of bang for your buck, and also giving me plenty of time to get orders in for Christmas.

You folks are the best, and I’m lucky to have such great clients! <3



[…] weather. I am doing the mini sessions a little earlier this year. For more information on why, read here. If you are wanting family photos for Christmas cards and gifts, this is the deal for you! Register […]

Reagan | Newborn

I was contacted by Reagan’s parents just about a week before this session. They had previously booked a photographer who had to cancel on them, so they were in search for someone who could fit them in. Luckily, I had a pretty open schedule for their original session date so it worked out perfectly! Little miss Reagan was not having this sleeping business. Mom and dad did everything right–fed before I got there, warm house, heating blanket at the ready…they were more prepared than most! But Reagan had other plans–She wanted to be wide awake. We worked on coaxing her to sleep indoors, but she was determined to stay wide awake! She wasn’t fussy, just wide eyed! So after a few tries indoors, we decided to move the session outside. Now, you may already know this, but the warmth of the outdoors is like a drug to babies. They’re all like, “ooooh, this is so womb-ey!” and they fall right to sleep. Worked like a charm on the little miss, and from that point on, it was like working with butter. I could move her any which way and she just snoozed like a charm!

We got soooooo many great pictures from this session! I love how prepared Jordan and Laura were! They had all kinds of blankets, cheese cloths, bows, and that FANTASTIC yellow chair!



Remington Park Hall of Fame

I had the honor of being invited to cover the Remington Park Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last Wednesday–such a treat! Remington Park sure knows how to put on a party, starting with finger foods and wine even before you’d hit the registration table. It was quite a treat to be among some of the greatest the local horse racing community has to offer. And as usual, Silks Restaurant had a wonderful setup of food (prime rib, mashed potatoes, and asparagus) and fantastic wait staff. Between the music by the Joe Merrick band, delicious food, and exciting atmosphere, this was an event to remember!

This moment above touched everyone present. These are relatives of Jacky Martin, a legendary quarter horse jockey, who was inducted into the Remington Park Hall of Fame. He was not able to be present, but his tearful words of gratitude for the award were projected for all to hear.

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