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Processing Info

When I tell people that processing on all regular photo shoots is 4-6 weeks and is 6-8 weeks for weddings, the question I always get is…

“Why does it take so long to process my pictures?”

Let me start by saying I absolutely love editing photos. It’s where the magic happens. I am a perfectionist and very meticulous in my editing procedures. I have tried to spend less time editing…honest! But the fact of the matter is, if I have the ability to make something better, I will. I know that if I spend a little extra time working on your photos, I can make a good photo great. And I truly believe this process is what sets me apart from many other photographers. It’s an integral part of my style, and a big reason why my clients seem to love their photos!

Here’s a general overview of that process:

  • In the course of a 1-2 hour photo shoot, I will take anywhere from 300-500 pictures.
  • Once I’ve transferred the photos to my computer, I begin sifting through them and picking out the best shots. I usually look through them twice to be sure that I’ve not missed any good ones. Once the selection process is complete, I usually end up with 50-100 photos.
  • I then begin the process of editing. This is where 90% of my time is spent on each session. The main reason being…I edit every. single. photo. Usually twice. Color balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, to name a few adjustments. I like to remove any glaring blemishes, sharpen eyes, soften skin, etc. And when you are doing this on anywhere from 50 to 100 pictures, it takes quite a bit of time.
  • After I’ve done the major adjustments, I go back over all of the pictures to make any minor adjustments that I may have missed.
  • Next, I pull up the photos I’ve pre-selected in the previous processes to make creative adjustments on. This is where you get your cool aged looking photos, black and whites, interesting hues, vignettes, etc. I usually have to try out several different effects until I find the one that is just right for that particular photo.
  • Once I’m happy with the editing, it’s time to convert. Because I shoot in RAW, these photos have to be converted to jpeg before I can upload them for viewing and ordering.
  • Finally, I upload the pictures and send you an email full of exclamation marks to show my excitement that the photos are ready! I honestly think I’m just as excited to show them to you as you are to see them.

And for weddings, it’s all of that x5. Yes, I edit every wedding photo, too. All 500-700 of them.:)

Here’s an example of why I do what I do. The picture on the left is the SOOC picture (straight out of the camera). It’s really under-exposed–don’t judge me, I’m not perfect. But that’s why I have Lightroom and Photoshop. The end result is what’s important, and I rather like the final product here.:)

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